How Can We Help You?

Please go to our website at and register a free trading account.

To verify your account, you will need to visit one of our offices in Kathmandu, Birganj or Janakpur personally within three months, or can setup a zoom meeting with our representatives. Online verification requests can be sent at

You can get your username from our online application website, Please visit

Normally, It takes 1 working day to verify your online trading account, if you did not receive your trading account in a day, Please check your form status at 

MS is online system and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Please follow our link provided in the activation email and you can trade from anywhere. If you are a new user, you can get a TMS login and password by submitting Online Trading Account form.

1. To create a new password, please click on the forgot password link.Please enter your                  username provided by Naasa Securities. Once submitted online trading a/c form, you will          get in your email.

2. The length of the Password must be 7 -14 letters including a minimum of 1 Caps, 1                      Special Character, 1 Digit. For example, Password123@

1. Firstly, logging in Trade Management System with the username and password.

2. Click on the Fund management which appears on the left side of the dashboard.

3. Three headings will be displayed. Then click on collateral management

4. Four headings will be displayed. You need to click on load collateral.

5. One dashboard will appear on the screen. You have to select a bank or Connect IPS.

6. Write Collateral deposit and enter the amount how much you want to keep as collateral. 

        Write Transfer in the remarks and then press the submit button.

7. Then, one dialog box will appear. Press Yes button

8. The new page will be displayed. You have to log in with the username and password of 

         internet banking or Connect IPS.

9. Then click on pay and ok button

10. You will receive OTP on your mobile and email. You should enter OTP and press Transfer.

After trade is made on the TMS software, brokers and exchanges need to transfer funds and shares bought and sold in the market. Buyers need to make payment for their shares purchase while sellers need to transfer shares in the exchange pool account. This is very complicated process and takes 2 days to manage everything. This whole process is called clearing and settlement.

T+2 cycle stands for Transaction day (Day 0) plus Two days, So shares purchased on Sunday will be settled only on Tuesday.

Firstly, you have login in the Trading Management System. You will see ‘Order Management’ 

icon on the left side of your screen. Click ‘Order Management’, three options will be displayed. Among three options, you should click on ‘Buy/sell’.  Then choose the symbol of the share that you want to buy and enter the quantity and price.  At the top right side, there is buy and sell, tick on buy. After you enter symbol, quantity, and price, finally click on Buy button.

You can make payment for shares purchase through, ConnectIPS, Mobile banking, Digital wallet and Internet banking,  If you are not using any of this system, you can directly deposit money in the bank account of the Naasa Securities.

DIS should send within two days after trading days in the office hour. If you sell the share on Sunday, EDIS should send it till Monday before 5 pm.


EDIS should be done. if you  are not able to do this , feel free to contact  us or you can send request  to

The transaction will be a closeout transaction. 20% of the traded volume will be charged as fine.

Yes, why not. But, at first, you have to deactivate your existing trading account. There is a new rule that one DEMAT account should have one trading account.

Shares will not be transferred into demat account if their payment for purchase is not made. If your payment is clear, normally it takes T+3 days for purchased shares to appear. If your shares haven’t appeared in your account till t+4, Please make sure you have made payment for the purchased shares. Please send email if you think your shares should have arrived in your account by now

No, the employees of any broker company couldn’t provide any information in the share trading. The laws restrict the employees to give suggestions or information. 

Yes, you should visit the bank with the filled-up form to activate Connect IPS.

Online trading is a free service to provide convenience to our clients. We do not charge any extra charges for online trading.