Our Services

Stock Brokerage Services

We have been provding stock brokerage services from the begining of our inception. It includes buying and selling of stocks for clients.Currently stock trading is allwed only on the stocks listed on Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd.

Depository Services

We are also a registered Depository participant of CDS and Clearing Limited, the central depository of Nepal. It allows us to open Demat Accounts of our client, provide dematerialization services, pledge/unpledge of securities etc.


Service Charges

1. Stock Brokerage Service Charges

Our business is highly regulated and all our service charges are fixed by regulatory aurthorities. Our stock broking services are charged as follows.

S.No. Transaction Volume Percent of Turnover
1 Upto Rs. 2500 Flat Rs. 10
2 From Rs. 2501 to Rs. 50,000 0.40 Percent
3 From Rs. 50,001 to Rs. 500,000 0.37 Percent
4 From Rs. 5,00,001 to Rs. 20,00,000 0.34 Percent
5 From Rs. 20,00,001 to Rs. 1,00,00,000 0.30 Percent
6 From Rs. 1,00,00,000 Onwards 0.27 Percent

*All transactions attract 0.015% regulatory fee in addtion to above brokerage charges.*

2. Demat Services

The service charges for demat services are also fixed by the regulatory aurthority.

S.No. Transaction Type Rs. Per Transaction
1 Demat Account Opening Fees Rs. 50 (One Time Only)
2 Annual Account Maintenance Fees Rs. 100 per Annum
3 On Market Transactions at DP Rs. 25 Per Transfer
4 Pledge / Unpledge Fees Rs. 50 Per Pledge / Unpledge
5 Share Dematerialisation Free
6 Account Statement Prinitng Free
7 Internet Demat Account Free